The best tablets you can buy right now

With more offices and schools opting for virtual attendance or hybrid schedules, a tablet can be a great alternative to a laptop with its portability, ease-of-use, and connectivity options. A good tablet is something that should have a long battery life, a respectable selection of apps and services, and have more functionality than just a screen to watch YouTube videos.

Tablets are an in-between for laptops and smartphones – they give you the larger screen size of a laptops monitor and the mobility of a smartphone. Even though most tablets are fairly large, they are easy to carry around, and the tiny thickness and small weight make them much more convenient.

Tablets are equipped with most of the same abilities as a smartphone – they have outlets for USB and 3.5 mm connections. The OS is also like on most smartphones – Android or iOS. The only real difference is the size of the screen. A few actually have an attachable keyboard.

Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

If you want a more modern-looking tablet, try Apple’s iPad Air. It’s powered by Apple’s M1 processor, which makes this the most powerful tablet for the money. You can play demanding games, edit batches of RAW photos, render 3D designs, and so much more, but you’ll likely start to feel limited by the iPadOS operating system, which isn’t as convenient to use for desktop-grade multitasking as a MacBook. This slate delivers slim bezels around the 10.9-inch screen, USB-C for charging, and supports the second-generation Apple Pencil, which magnetically attaches to the top and recharges wirelessly. That also makes this one of the best tablets for sketching, as the laminated display offers a more natural drawing experience. There’s no Face ID, but Touch ID is integrated into the power button.

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